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When you open up an atlas, there is always an investment to be made somewhere. I trust Tiho will find it. I’m a big fan.

– Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings

Tiho Brkan, Founder of The Atlas Investor

As a successful trader, business consultant and portfolio wealth manager, Tiho is known to visit up to twenty countries per year, all the while observing global economic trends, purchasing off-shore real estate and executing investments on behalf of his clients. With a keen belief in living like a Global Citizen, Tiho takes pleasure in unearthing rare business opportunities worldwide, building strong connections in the fields of accounting, banking and law while helping his clients with international taxation & citizenship planning.


I rarely read or listen to others in the investment world, but I kept noticing Tiho understood how the world works so I became more attentive. Now I even meet with him when we are in the same place. Every time there is plenty to discuss about where we have been and/or where we are going.
Tiho is looking for opportunities where others aren’t and is usually buying assets others disregard. You open up an atlas and there is always an investment to be made somewhere. I trust Tiho will find it.
I’m a big fan of yours.

Jim Rogers

Chairman of Rogers Holdings

In order to beat the market you need to be able to bet against the consensus and be right, which isn’t easy because generally the market knows more than you or me. Tiho is able to do this with an alarming frequency.
Watching him trade in real time I can say I’ve never seen anyone with a greater ability to successfully time tops and bottoms — combining it with a keen understanding of risk management. Tiho is always betting $1 to make $7 and protecting against any large or permanent loss of capital.
The results speak for themselves through a remarkable pattern of consistency in his portfolio gains you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. There are very few people on the planet I’d recommend to manage my money and Tiho is one of those few.

Michael Rosmer

Offshore Capitalist & Richucation

As a close friend, Tiho’s great passion and burning desire for investing became increasingly evident to me early on. I have seen first hand the countless hours he has committed to learn the ins and outs of his craft that has seen him mature into both a successful trader and a well rounded investor.
Tiho is an independent thinker with an uncanny ability to time his investments and I have entrusted him with a good portion of my wealth, with great confidence. Over the years, Tiho has established a proven track record and I have been extremely pleased with the returns he has produced.
It’s been a pleasure working with Tiho and I wish him all the success that continues to find him.

Daniel Mladjen

Director of Arura Resources

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